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Manifesto Launch

Upon a glance of both Labour and the Conservative’s manifestos, I can honestly tell you that both have their good points.

However I have some issue with the Conservative’s. Let me run through a few of them:

  1. No increase in National Insurance – how can you cut national debt and keep the NHS fully funded?
  2. Cutting corporation tax to 25% – according to the Conservatives, they believe in small businesses. This just helps those large corporate businesses who bring a lot of money in taxes. I fail to understand the logic behind trying to save money by cutting the money the government receive.
  3. Pledge to match Labour’s health and aid budgets – I have an issue with this. Sorry, come up with your own budgets.
  4. Developing Swedish ‘free schools’ and US ‘charter schools’ – I am 100% against the idea of local institutions, churches, parents or groups taking charge of state schools. Google what its affects are in states such as Texas. The national government should retain complete control.
  5. Abolition of Independent Appeal Panels for school admissions – how can this even be fair? The Headteacher could well be the issue, and then who do you go to?

Now that’s not to say it doesn’t have its good points, because it does. I am actually very proud of the fact that our right-winged party is a party that supports a nationalised health service and (to some extent) gay rights. It’s a testimony to our society that we argue over less extreme things such as education and defence rather than gay rights and abortion.

We should be cautious, and I am still in support of Labour. I can tell you, however, that a Conservative government – if the manifesto pulls through – would have mostly my support. It’s almost a patriotic duty!

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