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Good Old Gay Times

April 8, 2010 2 comments

I try not to make everything about my life about being gay, but sometimes being in a minority that is still discriminated upon both in society and by law means that I have to take a look at that as a focal point of view. So, just briefly I’m going to look at different political parties and their websites to see what they have on gay rights or people or something to that sort. Just brief, mind you.

The parties I’ll look at are Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, the Green Party, and the BNP.


The Labour Party

Labour –

One of the easiest websites to find out about gay rights in the party. No search required, we’re listed under ‘Equalities’

If you want to take a look, check it out.

To be fair to Labour, after 13 years in power, radical sweeps of gay rights legislation is hardly going to be there, but along with a long list of gay legislation they have already passed, they mostly focus on getting the Equality Bill passed in the next parliament, if they are re-elected.

Being a card-carrying member of the party, it’s safe to assume I would urge all to vote for Labour. Based upon their record, I feel comfortable with them in power and believe genuinely that they are a gay-friendly party with actual desires to see equality for LGBT people. Though we disagree on the issue of gay marriage (Labour having no plans to bring it into debate), I fundamentally owe Labour a lot of gratitude for the (often opposed) laws and rights they gave to me as a gay man in the twentieth and twenty-first century.


The Conservative Party

Conservatives –

Not quite as easy to find. No policy as such, only information that the party has changed under the leadership of David Cameron, and that it is now a modern Conservative Party, bringing things such as the Civil Partnership issue to the US and Europe. Also lots of information on Alan Duncan, a gay Conservative (hah) MP who apparently ‘steered’ the Civil Partnership bill through parliament.

Here are the search results.

Whilst I don’t believe that the Conservatives are homophobic per say, I don’t feel they have much of an issue regarding it. Perhaps they take the laissez-faire attitude or the ‘let’s keep the status quo’ attitude. At any rate, having a flagship gay MP in the cabinet isn’t too bad. Better than those darn Republicans…

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats –

No particular page but a search page. I can’t fault the Liberal Democrats too much on the issue since really, they support gay rights very much. Nick Clegg, their leader, has called for gay marriage, so hats off to them. Search results brings up them tackling the Conservative voting record and then some random groups of Liberal Democrats, a little bit like LGBT Labour or LGBTory.

Here are the search results.

To be honest on the issue of gay rights alone, I would vote Liberal Democrats. I just feel it’s not only a wasted vote, but a fair number of other issues I have with the party mean I remain aligned with Labour.


The United Kingdom Independence Party


No page, and a search result drew nothing up except some news stories (two) that simply mentioned ‘gay’.

Still, here are the results.

It’s not surprising really, since UKIP are a one-policy party. Still, they take such an issue with smoking in pubs being banned that they can have a whole page devoted to that, but not the rights of the gay citizens to which they wish to govern. Not impressed.

The Green Party

The Green Party

The Green Party –

Interesting results. No page but quick search brings up their policies on gay rights. Very thorough – and I especially like how they believe in gay marriage but also they wish to extend these rights to all of Europe. Requiring companies that work with British companies to have a policy for LGBT equality is a very bold move.

Here is the document for you to see.

With a real fighting chance of getting our first Green MP, this could see interesting debates in parliament if anything came up. Still, not enough movement in society to cause real change. Good party to my eyes.


The British National Party


Well it’s no surprises that they have no page. They have no search engine for the website either. Unless a blog, group or member has ‘gay’ in it you’re not likely to find much. We all know their vile racism and homophobia though. Still, to remain as impartial as I can – Nick Griffin, their leader, whilst admitting seeing grown men kiss was ‘creepy’, said his party was ‘gay friendly’ and said the state has no business in the bedroom. It just… well, that’s his gay policy.

Nothing too much there, but just a quick overview.