Vote Labour

I haven’t updated in a while. I have been SO busy with finals, and gearing myself up for my trip home on Saturday.

Today, the United Kingdom goes to the polls.


Do not let the Conservatives get in.


The Labour Party


Home Sweet Home

April 26, 2010 4 comments
American Airlines

American Airlines Boeing 767

Flights booked. I’m heading home May 8…

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Busy Lives We Lead

April 25, 2010 1 comment

This week has been a super busy and rather odd week. For various reasons, it has left me in a weird state of mind right now. Sitting in my dorm room, listening to Gaydar Radio (just discovered, it’s actually pretty good for the gay music we all love) and just feeling… blah. I have so much to sort out.

First of all, medical shizzle has occurred. A fortnight ago I had strep throat, and it turned out I had high blood pressure too. After a few trips to the health centre, it was constantly high. So I went to see the doctor (a lovely lady I must add) and she wanted to run some extra tests to make sure it wasn’t something wrong with me already, such as my kidney. I gave blood and urine, and I hated both. I couldn’t pee, since I’d already been. I hate needles, and five test tubes of my blood was quite enough to feel coming out of me. Have to go back in next week for the results.

This weekend, Saturday morning to be exact, I lost my wallet around 3:00am over at Duke University. The next morning I realised I had lost it and went looking for it. By midday I was ready to cancel my cards (I kept checking my online accounts and nothing had happened) but I got a call from my roommate – UNC Police had been to my dorm. Someone had handed my wallet in to Duke Police. I headed on over to Duke to pick it up, only to find my credit card was missing.

I didn’t cancel it beforehand, thinking it would be with my wallet. Stupid.

Turns out whoever took it treated themselves to two fill ups of gas, one $38, one $78. Capital One were hardly very good at the situation. I am by no means one to moan about call centres going to India, but please employ staff who have a grasp of the English language. Or at least can understand it. The number of times I had to repeat my birthday was incredible. Especially since it was just numbers.

So the fraud report was put through, papers are being sent to my house in England, and I filed a report with Duke Police for the theft/fraud. I doubt anything will happen, and I’ll probably get the money back. Until then I’m left with the charges that I have for going over my agreed limit.

I’m ready to go home. I have already put flights on hold for May 8th. I haven’t paid yet, rather I’m going to sleep on it. I miss everything. Home. Family. Friends. London. Free healthcare (!). Safety and comfort. I have loved my time here so much, and I know I will return. But I just need some time home now.

I’m ready.

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Republican Homophobia

April 19, 2010 1 comment

A quick post to express my disgust that Duke College Republicans have impeached their chairperson, Justin Robinette, after finding out he was gay.

They have given several other reasons, however none of them make sense as he was unanimously re-elected two weeks ago. Why would they re-elect someone they felt was corrupt?

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A Bit Of Pride

April 18, 2010 1 comment
The Union Jack

The Flag of the United Kingdom

National pride, patriotism, whatever you want to call it, is not often found so blatantly with British folk. Why that is, may not be the most obvious thing to anyone who is not from the country. We are certainly nothing like the Americans, and a lot of people would say that’s a good thing. Travel outside of London, and you’ll probably not come across a British flag. Unless it’s a special day, you won’t find them anywhere. I challenge you to find a house with a flag outside – I know only of one in my entire life. Even harder than that, find a school with a flag in the grounds. My high school had one, but even that was eventually taken down. Ask a random person on the street to sing the national anthem. Past “God save our gracious Queen”, I’ll be willing to bet they can go no further than that.

Does this mean we are, as a nation, not proud? No.

We are an old country. A very, very old country. We are secure in what we are, who we are and where we are in the world. We’re senior citizens, old aged pensioners, veterans of the western world. We have little need to rally around the flag everyday, much less sing an anthem to a woman who has simply become a tourist attraction.

But we are proud.

We recognise our greatness. We know we stand for fairness. We stand for equality, for freedom and for tolerance. We love our country, we love our way of life and heck we love our Queen. We love our National Health Service, our great welfare system, our relatively good public transport. We have very low university costs, and student loans only change due to inflation. We are proud of our history, of what we have achieved, and what we have brought to the world.

We might complain, but the best way of demonstrating our pride is not by looking at our media. Don’t look at our politicians, don’t even look at our lack of flags and our lack of knowledge about national anthems.

Try attacking us.

Try telling us you don’t like the Queen.

Try insulting Britain.

Then you will see us rally together.

We may complain about our free health service, but we crash Twitter when Sarah Palin and the Republicans bashed the system.

We may complain about the Royal Family, but 2.5 billion citizens of the world joined us in mourning the late Princess Diana.

We may not fly our flag often, but we come through when the issue is at hand.

We may not all know the national anthem, but we proudly sing at the Last Night of the Proms.

And don’t even get us started when Rule Britannia comes on.

Myself? Well, I know the national anthem, and I fly the flag in my bedroom. Gotta love that!

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen.

Bad, Ill Times

April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

An off-note. I have strep throat.

Oh, and high blood pressure.


Manifesto Launch

April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Upon a glance of both Labour and the Conservative’s manifestos, I can honestly tell you that both have their good points.

However I have some issue with the Conservative’s. Let me run through a few of them:

  1. No increase in National Insurance – how can you cut national debt and keep the NHS fully funded?
  2. Cutting corporation tax to 25% – according to the Conservatives, they believe in small businesses. This just helps those large corporate businesses who bring a lot of money in taxes. I fail to understand the logic behind trying to save money by cutting the money the government receive.
  3. Pledge to match Labour’s health and aid budgets – I have an issue with this. Sorry, come up with your own budgets.
  4. Developing Swedish ‘free schools’ and US ‘charter schools’ – I am 100% against the idea of local institutions, churches, parents or groups taking charge of state schools. Google what its affects are in states such as Texas. The national government should retain complete control.
  5. Abolition of Independent Appeal Panels for school admissions – how can this even be fair? The Headteacher could well be the issue, and then who do you go to?

Now that’s not to say it doesn’t have its good points, because it does. I am actually very proud of the fact that our right-winged party is a party that supports a nationalised health service and (to some extent) gay rights. It’s a testimony to our society that we argue over less extreme things such as education and defence rather than gay rights and abortion.

We should be cautious, and I am still in support of Labour. I can tell you, however, that a Conservative government – if the manifesto pulls through – would have mostly my support. It’s almost a patriotic duty!